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I am a full time software developer currently located in Huntsville, Alabama. I have experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Vue.js, and developing fully responsive social media platforms, websites, and applications.



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Knightbook is a simplified version of Facebook with a chivalrous twist. The app utilizes HTML, ejs and bootstrap on the frontend, node.js/express.js and MongoDB on the backend. Users can create an account using email or Google OAuth 2.0. Users are able to update their profile picture, follow other users, post, comment on posts and like posts.

Gratitude App

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The Gratitude App is a to do list web app. It allows the user to write down what they are grateful for. I used React, javascript and Material-UI.

Weather Web App

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The Weather App allows the user to search any city in the world and get the current weather data. I used React, javascript and OpenWeather API.

Login/Sign Up

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The login/sign-up app allows a user to either sign-up to the webpage or login using valid credentials. When logged in, the user has the option to update their current login information. I used firebase for the back end and React for the fron end.

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